This campaign was started by Ashley Fraser to petition BCP Council.

BCP Planning Officer’s apology a warning for all!

How would you know if a major planning proposal for 29 flats had been submitted to a neighbouring property, with windows facing directly into your living room? 

You might expect the council to put a letter through your door. Indeed, when Save Sea View asked a local Councillor who sits on the planning committee the question this week, that was their expectation. However, in the case of 539 Ashley Road, this did not happen.

A complaint from a resident, who’s bedroom and living room is now directly overlooked by the 3rd floor of a construction site, has forced BCP’s Head of Panning into an apology. Nicholas Perrins, BCP’s Head of Planning replied“I accept that in this case we should have sent letters as well as use site notices. I apologise for this although note that it is evident from there being responses to the application, that people were aware of the application.”

The application was passed, despite all the the responses received from neighbouring residents opposing the application to extended the new building’s height. A number of objections submitted even called out the council on it’s failure to properly notify neighbouring residents, with one claiming that the yellow notice on a lamp post was only up for less than 24 hours!

CLICK HERE to see transformation of 539 Ashley Road. (Save Sea View is not responsible for this or any connected content)

Ashley Fraser, founder of the petition to Save Sea View and Stop Overdevelopment in Poole said: “the council and developers need to do more to communicate planning applications, a scrap of yellow paper on a random lamp post shouldn’t be acceptable. At the very least, neighbouring properties of any potential development that seeks to c

reate an increase in housing units on a site should be notified in writing through their letter box.”

Watch out for yellow notices on lamp posts!

Given the recent and well documented failings of BCP’s Planning Officers, please be alert and take notice of any yellow planning notices on lamp posts in your neighbourhood. If it looks like something that has the potential to be overdevelopment or out of character with the area, please email it in to Save Sea View, we will do all that we can to help.