This campaign was started by Ashley Fraser to petition BCP Council.

BCP Council spin exposed by Daily Echo in plans for a “Cityscape”

As the petition to Save Sea View reached 1,000 signatures, the Daily Echo published an article on our campaign, titled Petition to protect views of Poole from Constitution Hill.

This is the first time we have received any form of response to the petition from the council, and in doing so BCP Council’s spin on the issue was exposed by the Daily Echo’s reporter.

In the article a BCP Spokesperson stated: “No suggestion has been made about creating a ‘cityscape’ for Poole to date…“.

However, the Echo reporter’s investigation determined: Despite the claim that “no suggestion has been made” about a ‘cityscape’ vision for Poole, several council communications refer to a ‘cityscape’ for the BCP region – but don’t single out any individual area.

BCP Council’s poorly spun response to our petition exposes that there is a real need for mechanisms to be put in place that protect public viewpoints. Our call for a Supplementary Planning Document will do just that.